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Vidéos > World of Warcraft
Mise en ligne: 27 Mars 2008
Catégorie: World of Warcraft
Proposée par illusion_pictur.
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Poids: 106 Mo
Durée: 7 Mn
Codec: WMV
Téléchargée: 618 fois
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WoW movie : Naira of Drak'Thul 2
After 5 long months I finally managed to finish my WoW PvP movie. It took me about 100 hours to make it - I tryed many things, in the end I decided, that I don't want a lot of classic effects in my movie, what I mannaged to do and you will see "full fire" in my next movie which is being prodduced and it will have nothing to do with WoW PvP. By doing this movie I wanted to say good bye to WoW TBC PvP, becouse the expansion set's fighting style has made me sick. Scenes were recorded in July 2007 afterwards my satiety didn't allow me to continue producing movie so the production was stopped for a while. I only want ask you to not whine about my captions. I can say you that I enjoyed their lenght and the attitude intro/movie/captions will be used never more :-) If you do not like the movie, click on a back button and delete it from your short memory, but I thank you for watching my first work which took too much time.

PvP part in movie is short, becouse I didn't want people who don't know anything about WoW to watch big numbers jumping above somebody.

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#1  vipraseut (28/03/2008 à 08:11)
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289940 289940
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Note :

Peut mieux faire.

[+] un bon investissement dans la realisation
[+] outro sympa

[-] intro un peu trop longue
[-] synchronisation pas adapté (dans l'intro)
[-] musique de la fragpart pas appréciée
[-] musique d'intro trop utilisée
[-] des frags un peu trop facile

#2  GA2MA (28/03/2008 à 08:50)
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289946 289946
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Note :

Bonne video =)

#3  Phebus1204 (28/03/2008 à 19:19)
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290083 290083
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Catégorie CS ?

#4  Phebus1204 (29/03/2008 à 22:26)
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290314 290314
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A votre service :p

#5  pife307 (25/09/2009 à 09:59)
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328397 328397
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Note :

b1 jouer ajouter le vidéo de liche King stp

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