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Fiche vidéo
Vidéos > Call Of Duty
Mise en ligne: 09 Avril 2008
Catégorie: Call Of Duty
Proposée par illusion_pictur.
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Poids: 729 Mo
Durée: 18 Mn
Codec: x264
Téléchargée: 370 fois
Lien 1

Act of War
After a long time a very quality CoD 2 movie made by 2 mmakers z!pp and z3phyr was released. I dare to say that it is one of the best movies in our country , maybe also in the world. We can be more glad that the mmakers are Czechs. The work on it took them 7 months! It is full of quality frags, effects and many other things. So long work has repayed and so the considerable movie has arised.

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